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Teleconferencing basically involves a meeting between two or more of people in different geographical locations using special kind of equipment called teleconference equipment. It involves bridging together a number of phone lines so that people can talk to each other at the same time.

Teleconferencing saves time and money. Important meetings happen without the stakeholders having to travel and meet up in the same place. The participants have to be provided with the following details:

  • Phone numbers to dial

  • Date and time to make the call

  • Security protocols to follow

There are two types of teleconference communication:

  • Audio teleconferencing

  • Video teleconferencing

Audio teleconferencing

Involves verbal communication using teleconference equipment without using a camera hence participants cant each other. The main disadvantage of audio teleconferencing is that you cannot see the facial expressions and body languages of otvideo conference equipment for hire in Kenyaher people in the meeting. This means that some conversations can be misinterpreted from time to time because body language is a big part of human communication.

Video teleconferencing

Involves use of teleconference equipment that has a camera and a microphone installed. Every participant needs to be able to be in a video screen and in front of a camera and microphone.

The main advantage of video teleconferencing is that you can see the facial expressions and body languages of other people in the meeting.

Note that in order to have a seamless video conference experience there has to be a high speed broadband internet connection.

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